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    Tony's Auto Repair
    601 Kains Ave, San Bruno CA 94066

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  • My son's car window was stuck down on a day when it was pouring outside. I had put a bag on the window but was terrified of him not being able to see. I called around and Tony's was the only shop that told me to bring it in that day. He was able to get my son's window up as a temporary fix until he has the money to repair it. I am beyond grateful. While I was there I also saw someone come In to get help with a light bulb replacement. They helped her on the spot for free. Our family will definitely bring our business here in the future.

    Rating: Kirstie A, San Bruno

  • Tony's is awesome. Their honest hard working approach is a refreshing change from other places I've been to.

    Rating: I. S. K., San Bruno

  • If you're looking for an honest mechanic who is experienced with reasonable prices than look no further. I am so happy that I have found a mechanic, Dave, that I can trust to keep my 2000 Toyota Celica functioning beautifully! He charges half of what the Dealer charges, but most importantly, he is the real deal - a heck of a nice guy who is honest and knew quickly what the problem was and had it fixed all in the same day - my problem being an air flow problem which caused the exceleration to hesitate. Thanks Dave and thanks to John who referred me to him. You were right! I couldn't be more pleased to find a local mechanic and no longer needing to go to the Dealer.

    Rating: Carolyn K, South San Francisco

  • Dave and his staff are too notch for quality of work and friendly, professions customer service. They are busy for a reason.

    Rating: Will B, Redwood City

  • We've been going to Tony's auto with our three cars for the last five years. We have never experienced anything wrong or discourteous from the employees. Dave the owner is a true decent honest mechanic. Not to mention a very nice guy.I looked at the bad reviews and found there was probably something wrong with the owners not the car.

    Rating: Steve J, San Bruno

  • Brought my car in for an oil change and transmission oil change. Prices were fair and the service was friendly and professional. My commuter has had previous transmission issues and Dave walked me though his recommended care fore the car. I called my family mechanic that we've been going to for over a decade and he reiterated the same information. They noticed my rear brake light was out and replaced it free of charge. Will be going back!

    Rating: Edwin S, San Francisco

  • Moving to CA from Hawaii and taking my 2002 CRV. It's old, but paid for! Brought it to the mechanic for one last check. Everything good? Yep. Arrived in beautiful downtown San Bruno and settled in just fine. Started asking around for mechanic recommendations. Tony's Auto came up in more than one conversation. Tony's it is. The first time I brought my car in for a "once over", all it needed was an oil change. Perfect. About a year in, the fuel sensor went. Again, Tony's to the rescue. My car just hit the 100,000 mile mark. Time for a major servicing and check the brakes and clutch. Good news, brakes OK. Bad news, clutch going out. Dave estimated the work could be done in a couple of days. Not a problem, I had the use of a friends car. To my surprise, the work was done in a day. When I went in to pick up my car, Dave told me the work hadn't taken quite as long as he estimated and refunded me 200 bucks. Now that's an honest mechanic! Fast service. Affordable prices. Honest. Check them out, you won't be disappointed!

    Rating: Kim A, San Bruno

  • We have been going to Tony's Auto Repair for years, and have always been pleased with the service. Dave, in particular, is very honest and helpful, and we always feel like our car is in good hands. It's nice to know that there are still some honest and reputable auto mechanics around - in general we try to stay away from taking our car to the dealership, which always seems to charge way too much. So, thank you, Dave, for running such a great business!

    Rating: Nancy P, San Bruno

  • Tony's Auto just saved me $1,300.00! My 2004 Tacoma 4x4 had been making some squeaking noises from the front of the engine. My previous truck threw a timing chain and lunched the engine, so I was worried about the same thing happening. I took it to Melody Toyota for an estimate. The Toyota service writer said that even though the truck only has 50K miles on it, because of it's age, it needed a timing belt service package that would cost around $1,300-. UHG! I took the truck to Tony's Auto Repair and had Dave take a look at it. With a spray of WD-40 he made the noise go away. It was just a slipping fan belt! Dave has the same year Tacoma as me. He says that his truck isn't going to need a timing belt until 90K and neither will mine. When a vehicles owner is also a mechanic, and gives me the same advice as for his own truck, I believe him! Dave could have undercut Melody's price and made some easy money, but thankfully he is an honest and ethical mechanic. Thank you Dave, I just found the shop where I'll be taking my vehicles from now on!

    Rating: Steve R, Brisbane

  • Dave and his crew are great. I have been going to him for over 5 years and found him by accident. He has worked on my Jetta, my husband's Grand Prix and Brother-in-law's Honda and Subaru (which he rips to shreds). Dave is very fair and honest. He has never tried to sell us on anything we do not need. I will tell you my husband has driven Dave crazy a few times over minor issues with his Grand Prix and Dave has always been patient and kind. Dave also corrected a problem for my BIL that an "oil change" place was responsible for and did not charge my BIL. My BIL wanted to pay him for his time and Dave refused. Good, honest guy.

    Rating: Sally S, Burlingame

  • One of my headlights went out the other day. I decided to do a search for a local auto repair shop. I had heard about this place from a friend and from what I read here the customers seemed to be happy. So I called and asked for an appointment. Lucky me they open early! I brought my car in and Dave had it fixed quickly! He was friendly and very professional. I think that I found my new go to place for my car repairs. Thank you so much!

    Rating: Andrea R, San Bruno

  • This place is great. My parents take their Toyota Scion XB 2005 with no major issue on it other then basic maintenance. 100,000 miles on it. I just purchased a 2010 Nissan Cube and the dealer will not be getting my business but this shop will. The even accidentally charged my parents $30 dollars extra one time and called the very next day to let them know about it. That's honesty! Hard to find in a lot of mechanic shops now and days unfortunately.

    Rating: Thinkforyoursel F, San Bruno

  • This shop was recommended to me by my landlady when I lived in San Bruno. I moved to San Francisco two years ago but continue to have my car service done by Dave and his great staff. I won't trust my car to anyone else.

    Rating: Joe S, Burlingame

  • Top notch mechanic. I blew a coolant sensor and pulled up in front of their shop and met Dave who told me it was no problem and it would be done by days end. He was true to his word and did a great job.

    Rating: Brandon S, San Bruno

  • Dave and his crew are fair and reliable.

    Rating: Peter C, San Bruno

  • Spa service at an auto shop! My car's check engine light came on while on the highway. It started rumbling, and I had to pull over. I was towed by AAA to the the closest shop - Tony's Auto Repair. By the time my car was unloaded, I was a bit disgruntled and tired. A mechanic sensed this and immediately came over, even though they were busy, in the middle of other repairs. I told him I was in a hurry, so he offered to do a quick diagnostic test, all the while, chatting and friendly. He found out that my spark plug had misfired and had a crack. He showed me the plug, showed the buildup and crack, and explained its relevance. He said he wanted to do a few more tests, to ensure this was the problem, but needed to finish the other repair. He assured me that he would be able to get to my car in 30 minutes, and was actually done in 20 minutes. After finishing the diagnostic testing, he verified that this was the only thing wrong, thoroughly answered all my questions about spark plugs, and gave me an exact quote. My car is running smoothly now. If I lived in this town, this would definitely be my auto shop. The mechanics are professional, friendly, enjoy educating the customer, and explaining the diagnostics in detail.

    Rating: Naomi T, San Francisco

  • On my way to visit clients in San Mateo today, I happened to stop for gas (since it's cheaper than in the city). When I went to restart my car, the battery fizzled and died. JUST THEN, my guardian angel, Joseph, appeared in a Ford Bronco!!! Joseph happened to gave a whole jumper kit in his car, which he quickly put to use. Oh, and he also happened to know Tony of Tony's Auto Repair, only 2 miles away! As I lurch up to the repair shop, who should already be there but Joseph, ensuring that I arrived safely. I thanked him profusely and then was immediately attended to by Tim. After installing a new battery in about two seconds at a great price, I was on my way. Oh, and they honor AAA.

    Rating: Heather K, Mountain View

  • I can't believe my car door is fixed. I brought in my 2005 Saturn Ion to have the door fixed. As i understood it from talking to other mechanics, the door locking mechanism was broken, no one knew where to get a new one, or how to fix it. The door was stuck closed, and some inexperienced mechanics down in San Mateo wanted to charge me $300, JUST TO OPEN THE DOOR (not to fix it). Dave knew within 5 minutes what part to order, and how to fix it. The part was ordered, and arrived a few days later. After maybe an hour or two of labor, Dave had my door fixed. The total cost to me: $220. I honestly can't believe my door is fixed. I was thinking i would have to have it ripped off or something and replaced. Dave will not screw around with you. It is obvious he knows what he is doing, and has many years of experience. When he thinks someone else is better qualified to handle a job ( as in the case of my exhaust) he will point you in the right direction. I have found a trusted mechanic, and that is as good as finding a great doctor, etc. I really hope Tony's auto prospers because mechanics in general have the stereotype of dicking around when it comes to price. Dave at Tony's auto is not like that at all and is very professional, intelligent, and honest. He is not a salesman. He is a badass mechanic though.

    Rating: Maxwell S, San Bruno

  • Just before my parents set off on their long drive back to So-Cal, they found what we thought was a leak from the radiator. So with the help of Yelp we found Tony's Auto Repair and brought our Honda Civic there. Dave was so kind to squeeze in our repair to his already really full schedule. We got a call later from the shop that the radiator was not the problem but the engine was the source. Dave had called Honda and found that there was a recall for this problem and advised us to bring it to the dealer for it to be fixed for free. Dave even declined to charge anything for all that work that he did to find out the problem. I can't thank Dave enough for his honesty and work. It is so rare to find such integrity this days and age. I shudder to think what would have happened if my parents ended up stranded on the 5 freeway in the middle of nowhere. I will definitely bring my car there from now on. This place is great!

    Rating: Theresia S, San Francisco

  • I just wanted to add to the many accolades that other Yelpers are saying in which Dave and his team over at Tony's Auto Repair are doing. First off, Dave is a kind hearted, professional and educated gentleman who knows how to talk to customers and knows his cars versus your typical knucklehead, union-shop, crap for brains, fatty butt-crack showing, mechanic found at a lot of places. I despise guys like those because they have a Neanderthal ego and think they are right all the time. Guys like that butt heads with guys like me who are corporate professionals and educated. Moving on, Dave is NOT like that and he and his team are great people. I've taken my 3 various cars over to him and he's done great work with wonderful prices for the jobs at hand. He does not try to sell you on other things and only recommends things that are critical for repair. Hey, shop mechanics joes: Take a page from Dave's book and LEARN, will ya?

    Rating: Chris B, San Francisco

  • For more than twenty-five years I have religiously taken my family vehicles to Tony's Auto Repairs. Through previous owner Tony and current owner Dave, I have been continually impressed with the professional service rendered by this business. Dave is always honest, always prompt and always fair in his pricing. I have come to expect and never fail to receive expert workmanship. Recently I brought in my car for a scheduled brake job and potential transmission leak. Dave took the car for an unsolicited test drive and discovered what he believed to be a significant transmission problem. He suggested I bring the car to the dealer and have them check the transmission while it was still under warranty. Bottom line ... Dave's well trained ear resulted in a new transmission! Without Dave's great service I would have been looking at a very expensive repair in the not to distant future!

    Rating: Bill F, South San Francisco

  • I have been going to Tony's Auto Repair for about 4 years now and they have been amazing. Dave knows his stuff. He is the nicest guy around and doesn't make me feel stupid when I do something stupid with my car. (Yeah I do stupid things... ) The customer service is amazing and my car runs amazingly well after it has been there. Highly recommend!

    Rating: Aedmar M, Moss Beach

  • Me and my co-workers in the nearby Bayhill office park used to say "Tony is God." Even though Tony retired several years ago and I haven't worked in San Bruno in ages, I still bring my Toyota up to first mate Dave, who now runs the shop. In fact, the shop has gotten busier. In Tony's day they specialized in Japanese and American cars, I dunno if they've since expanded their repertoire. They are honest -- Tony saved me about $800 when I got a second opinion from him after a dire pronouncement from a different shop -- and diligent -- Dave found the solution to a tricky electrical problem exacerbated by non-OEM parts installed by yet another shop. ASE-certified. No tires...but for just about anything else, A-OK! I've tried others and I keep coming back to Tony's. It's gotta be good for me to make a half-day trip out of a 30-minute oil change!

    Rating: Tammy A, Redwood City

  • Any time a business has all 5-star reviews I wonder if they are planted reviews. But, my car was overdue for a tuneup so I thought I'd give Dave (Dave bought the shop from Tony and kept the name) a try. I'm the kind of auto repair customer that sticks with the same mechanic for years or until I move. Simply put, I'll be working with Dave for many years to come. Went through the whole car, did a full tune up, and had me done ahead of schedule. Car runs great. He also gave me a list of items to watch with estimates. Very professional, honest, and punctual. His office employee (forgot her name) was very friendly and seemed to have things under control. We'll be back for sure. Thanks!

    Rating: LeftCoast Y, San Bruno

  • Stopped by to replace a front headlight and two rear license-plate bulbs - did it right there on the spot and, after about 10 minutes and a mere pittance for parts, I was on my way in no time.

    Rating: Patrick C, San Francisco

  • I have been to Tony's Auto Repair twice and I am hooked. They are so professional, efficient, and affordable. My VW Jetta has been to 2 dealers and other repair shops. I have paid for the car several times over with the upcharges and missed diagnoses. I brought my car to Tony's and I no longer worry that I will be stalling on the road.

    Rating: Ken S, San Bruno

  • The mechanics at Tony's are helpful and courteous. Not only did they show me what they found needed fixing (as opposed to just telling me assuming I know nothing about cars), they gave me a rough time line for when it would be a good idea to deal with them. Their prices are reasonable. I take both my car and my girlfriend's car here when ever we need something done. Also few things are as reassuring as your mechanic (Dave) having his A&P licence. I highly recommend, nay, require people to bring their cars to Tony's.

    Rating: Samuel S, San Bruno

  • Got my honda van running so much better than before. On the other hand, why does it have to cost so much. Sigh. Guess there is no getting around needed maintenance but Dave does know his stuff.

    Rating: Tracie P, San Bruno

  • Congratulation to Tony's Auto Repair for another 5 star performance. If you are looking for a great mechanic on the peninsula, Dave and his crew are the best. I began using Tony's Auto Repair back in the 70's to service our small fleet of cars and trucks. Tony Kraus trusted Dave Harders to continue his legacy of expert service to his clients and friends. Now it's 30 years later and I would not dream of trusting our family Toyota to any other mechanic. Thanks Dave and Patty for your being a trusted friend for us to refer our family and friends for automotive care.

    Rating: Russ M, San Bruno

  • Dave, the owner of Tony's auto repair is skilled, fair and honest, a rare and winning combination.

    Rating: Vic R, Burlingame

  • We needed repairs because our car failed the smog test and after consulting repair shops on Yelp, Tony's reviews convinced us to try this shop...and the reviews were right. The service is as good as it gets-staff extremely knowledgeable and pleasant and the repairs were done in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend this repair shop and would not hesitate to go back for service.

    Rating: PattyCakey Y, Millbrae

  • 5 stars for fixing my wifes civic!!! These peeps are very honest and reliable and fair priced. Mechanics are not cheap but a good one is HARD to find. Kudos DAVE

    Rating: Joely L, San Francisco

  • Decent, honest people. Brought my car in for 30k service. They got it done for about 1/4 what what dealers quoted me. Asked about recommended services and they told me I don't need it. Refreshing to find a business not eager to ring it up. Afterwards, I mentioned to Dave I would've preferred synthetic oil and he visibly seemed upset by it. In a good way. I think I just found an auto mechanic for life.

    Rating: Kyong K, Menlo Park

  • We own four cars -- foreign and domestic and their work on all is impeccable. I trust Dave's opinion explicitly--he is honest, fair, and the most knowledgable mechanic I have ever worked with and I have owned cars for 28 years!

    Rating: Carol G, San Bruno

  • I learned about Tony's Auto Repair from Yelp. From the first friendly and expert phone call I felt positive about taking my Subaru here to be repaired. They asked the right, very specific questions about my car's problem and were up-front with a ballpark estimate. When I brought the car to the shop, they continued to prove my first impressions to be correct. My car was fixed on schedule, correctly, and within the original estimate. All-in-all, this was a very good experience and I plan to continue to trust my car repairs to the excellent folks at Tony's.

    Rating: Robert P, San Bruno

  • If you're looking for an honest mechanic, this is the place! Dave (the owner) is a great guy and really knows his stuff—great work and great service!

    Rating: Daniel M, San Francisco

  • Very honest and reasonably priced shop. Also not too inconvenient for scheduling.

    Rating: Xiao Y, San Francisco

  • Won't rip you off AND the smartest mechanic that I have ever met. AND I AM A MECHANIC MYSELF! – I never thought of myself as one to post reviews about a local business but TONY'S AUTO REPAIR is the answer to your auto repair needs and that's no B.S.!!! You see, I, myself am an auto mechanic (13 years working full time, 10 of those years at Toyota dealerships). Since I do my own repairs and maintenance I rarely need outside help fixing my cars. When I did, I looked to the only mechanic who I consider smarter than me and that is Dave, the owner of Tony's auto repair. Dave Harders was a Toyota master tech with me when we both worked for the same dealership. Dave taught me most of what I know with regards to logical diagnostics. He was the man who could quickly find out what was wrong with the vehicle when nobody else could, even me! (and I'm awesome!) Today's cars are quite complicated and mechanics need to continuously educate themselves. Dave does this. Since cars are so complex and different from one make to another, accurate up to date information is needed, and Dave has the latest and greatest resources available to him and his mechanics. My 97 Saturn was due for smog check, but the check engine light was on. I quickly scanned my car with my scanner and found a code for EGR malfunction. I checked with my DVOM for proper voltages, I even had another exact same car at my disposal to compare readings and swap suspect parts. I have the saturn factory service manual and was well informed. Replacing the EGR valve with a known good one did not fix the problem, and I suspected the engine computer to be faulty, but only after EVERYTHING ELSE CHECKED OK. Now I was stumped, and consulted Dave. After explaining to him what was going on, he knew it WAS the computer, and had actually seen this same problem before. He had the proper resources to remove data from my existing ecu and load it into the new ecu, which he got for me at a price which was cheaper than I could get it for (and I have connections!) Dave is the best. The smartest. The honest one.

    Rating: Ray S, San Francisco

  • They Keep My Car Running – I have brought my car here a few times for various problems and they have always solved the problem very quickly. Their expertise and customer service are beyond wonderful and they charge less than their sub-par competition. If you have any problem whatsoever with your vehicle I highly recommend taking it to Tony's.

    Rating: Lord H, San Francisco